it’s how we come together,
that sets PCN apart

Our members gather with intentionality to learn, invest, collaborate, and yes… have a really good time. We screen an average of 40 companies for each monthly meeting, providing 2-4 early stage, industry diverse entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their company, vision and funding needs to our member-base. Our investors look for compelling product and service differentiation, strong management teams, transparency of all business and market realties, and ideally - a 3-5 year exit plan.

As an added benefit, PCN helps our entrepreneurs build significant businesses and may participate as active or passive investors. We support startups with key relationships to accelerate their growth and offer to mentor and coach those entrepreneurs in whose businesses we invest. Additionally, we may serve on their boards, assist in strategic planning and connect them to proven industry specific - finance, branding, marketing, operations, engineering and management resources - if requested.

Executive Summary

Forward your executive summary or deck to for initial review.

we take a closer look

After a cursory review, PCN executives will set up a 30-minute interview with the CEO.

After acceptance, prepare to present

We allocate 10 minutes for investor presentations with another 5 minutes for investor questions. After presentation, members discuss the opportunity, and those interested sign up to speak with you directly. PCN does not stand between the entrepreneur and investor.

due diligence begins

Each investor will thoroughly research all aspects of your company. At this point PCN is available to you for questions however we are not actively involved in the process.

term sheet defined

After successful completion of due diligence, interested members present term sheet defining the structure of the investment deal - including standard terms and or liquidation preferences. PCN members may invest as a group or individually.

funding the deal

When parties are satisfied with the term sheet, a deal can be executed. But deal closure is just the beginning. You now have access to a network of value-added contacts and experienced professionals who can provide guidance for the success of your venture.

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